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  • General Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Our service
  • Telephone support

General Maintenance
Employing ongoing active Computer maintenance can drastically save you time and money. These procedures contribute to the overall health, stability, and performance of your PC or Laptop.

  • Computer and Laptop cleaning
    Removal of dirt and dust is a significant factor in improving and maintaining the speed and reliability of your Computer. This service includes checking the system for general errors and performance related bottlenecks.
  • In-depth Security Analysis
    We’ll perform a thorough assessment of your security and let you know if there are potential Security risks affecting your Computer.
  • Performance Tuning
    We first assess your PC or Laptop for various ways to improve performance without upgrading, afterwards changes are made to your configuration and tested against a benchmark score.

Just because your computer has stopped working properly, it does not always mean that it needs replacing. These days most modern computers are repairable and able to be upgraded.

Our service
Fault finding – Our Microsoft qualified staff use industry standard testing equipment and diagnosis software to pinpoint the cause of common problems, for example:

  • Power supply failure (Computer not switching on)
  • Windows failing to load
  • Internet connection failure
  • Sluggish performance
  • Issues with instant messaging, Skype, MSN, Yahoo, webcams etc
  • Infection with viruses & spyware
  • Problems with e-mail
  • Problems with scanners, cameras, printers, etc
  • Games don’t work/play properly

Most repairs can be carried out in your own home, but if it is a lengthy procedure our staff may advise taking the computer away to carry out the repair, thus making it more economical.

On-site complete file backup is provided, free of charge, if the repair entails wiping or replacing your hard drive – therefore you will not lose any of your personal data.

For your peace of mind, your personal data is deleted from the backup medium immediately following successful restoration to your new/repaired hard disk.

Telephone support
Not all problems require a home visit. Very often the problem can be resolved over the telephone by our staff taking you through the procedure. Eg:

  • Internet
  • Windows updates
  • Software